Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Its November Already!

Time is flying by! And I am so behind!! I just finally finished my last Halloween Item, way late, but that is nothing new for me!LOL! I have one Thanksgiving item started and no Christmas started. Dang! One would think after selling on Ebay for almost ten years now I would learn to be ready for the holiday seasons well in advance but I just don't seem to do it! Here is my second version of Bear Dracula. When I made the first one, my daughter pointed out that he should be a black bear with a white face. Actually I did think about making him out of black fur but I can't get it to photograph well for my listings! I started thinking about how to give him a white face and decided to experiment! I made his head out of cotton canvas, that I sculpted paperclay over to give his nose and eyes three dimensions. I think painted him with acrylic paint and put lots of gloss on his eyes. I think he came out cute! He will be up on Ebay later tonight!