Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Its November Already!

Time is flying by! And I am so behind!! I just finally finished my last Halloween Item, way late, but that is nothing new for me!LOL! I have one Thanksgiving item started and no Christmas started. Dang! One would think after selling on Ebay for almost ten years now I would learn to be ready for the holiday seasons well in advance but I just don't seem to do it! Here is my second version of Bear Dracula. When I made the first one, my daughter pointed out that he should be a black bear with a white face. Actually I did think about making him out of black fur but I can't get it to photograph well for my listings! I started thinking about how to give him a white face and decided to experiment! I made his head out of cotton canvas, that I sculpted paperclay over to give his nose and eyes three dimensions. I think painted him with acrylic paint and put lots of gloss on his eyes. I think he came out cute! He will be up on Ebay later tonight!

Thursday, October 18, 2007


Well, the votes are in and I won Most Creative! Yeah, now I get to shop for more new patterns! One can never have too many!LOL!

"TITANIA" Keeper of the Fairies!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

I Have Been Tagged!!

I been tagged by Debb at http://debksg.blogspot.com Now I have to Tag 7 people with blogs. Rules to follow for the tag. 1 ) link to your tagger and post rules2) Share 7 facts about yourself some random some weird.3)Tag 7 people at the end of your post.And list there names and links to there blogs. Let them know you have tag them by leaving a message on there blogs.
Seven things about me:
#1-I love the color purple!
#2-I have absolutely no fear of applying to paint to anything!LOL!
#3-I got divorced five years ago after 27 years of marraige and I SURVIVED!(Had my doubts for awhile!)
#4-I have learned to accept that God made me the way I am for a reason, I am OK
#5-I started making bears in 1989, Wow! 18 years!
#6-I always want to fix things but have given up on the humans!
#7-My goal every morning is to be a better person than I was yesterday.
Ok, I tag:
Cara, http://doublecatbatik.blogspot.com
Tracy (Cedara), http://thrutheatticdoor2.blogspot.com
Jackie, http://plain-n-simpleblog.blogspot.com
Dixie, http://Northdixiedesigns.blogspot.com
Sorry my list is short, these are the only ones I know personally! Don't want to rub anyone the wrong way!LOL!

Playing in Fairy Land!

I have been making fairies as of late!LOL! My local doll group decided to make some fimo fairies with the use of molds. My hats off to you artist that make these little creations from scratch! It took me hours and hours just to smooth mine out after removing from the mold! Sculpting with clay is not one of my talents!LOL! It was so frustrating! I decided to design a fairy bear instead! Much more in my comfort zone! The wings are my favorite part! Here are my fairies! My fairy bear is listed on Ebay!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

My New Center Piece!

I spent several days last week stripping , sanding and refinishing this large wooden bowl that was a 50 cent garage sale find. I thought it would be great to hold my hand made pumpkins and squash I like to display during the holidays, but it seems Toby thinks its existance is for another purpose! As you can see my rule about no cats on the table is still going right over his head!LOL!

I have been busy!

I promised myself I would post everyday in here but I seem to run out of time on a regular basis! I have actually been productive lately! Here are some pictures of my latest creations. Sunshine (Yellow bear) is currently up on Ebay. Littlebit(1.5"), Flutterfly bear, and Chloe will be on ebay later tonight! I am almost finished with my first fairy bear, will get pictures posted soon!

Monday, October 1, 2007

New Listings on Beneath The Attic Eaves!

Hello Blogland! Its the first of the month again and there are lots of new items listed on the BTAE website! Please click on the link to the left to check out all the awesome creations! My offering this month is a sweet attic bear that I made using a pattern by SweatMeadowsFarm and her sweet babies made with a pattern by Bowls-n-Annies. I used a very vintage wool coat to make my bear and dressed her in a sweet antique baby dress. This set is going to be very hard for me to part with. Hope you will drop by the website and sign up for our email list!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Wooden Doll Challenge!

FOCD (Friends of Cloth Dolls) and Judi Ward sponsered a challenge this month at thedollnet.com . FairyKeeper (earlier post) was my entry. All the wonderful entries are now on display at http://thedollnet.com/woodendoll/ Please go take a look see and if you have a few minutes place a vote! Anyone on the internet can vote!


Today is my daughters Birthday! Want to send out the best of Birthday wishes to her! I won't get to see her today, but I will tomorrow. I am keeping the grandchildren this weekend so that her sweet hubby can take her for a quick trip to DisneyWorld. (Thats what she asked for her birthday!) Hope its a great day for you sweetie!Love, Mom

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Words of Encourgement!

While surfing around blogland today, I came across this link posted on a favorite blog I visit regularly. I found it very uplifting and wanted to share with my fellow artist and webfriends. This author is awesome, its almost like they are in my head peeking around!http://sharingencouragement.wordpress.com/

Friday, September 21, 2007

Free Halloween E-Pattern

Hi Everyone! I designed this Halloween Spider as a freebie for everyone! I must warn you this is my first E-Pattern and the first time I used my Photoshop program soooo.......feel free to point out anything that needs fixin! I have been designing patterns for many years but have always just did the paper versions. One must keep up with the times I guess! If you would like a copy please just email me at devans9080@aol.com and put spider pattern in your subject line. Here is a photo of the finished spider!

What to Do?

Well, kinda going in circles today. Does anyone else have the problem of picking what to do? Right now I have sooo many ideas floating in my head waiting on me to create, but my house needs cleaning, my craft room looks like a hurricane has passed through, the upstairs bathroom I started remodeling three months ago is still waiting on flooring and a new vanity top, and this morning I discovered the downstairs bathroom that I remodeled less than a year ago has a leak problem, seems the wax ring is leaking and water is pouring out the bottom of my commode! So now the water is turned off in there and a trip to the hardware store is going to have to happen even though all I wanted to do was sew! Ah, the fun in life!

Friday, September 14, 2007

"The Better to Bite You........."

BEAR DRACULA!! He is finished and ready for his debut! I just love days like this. I finished two things! Sometimes it just feels like I am spinning my wheels for days and weeks on end, then it finally all comes together! He will be listed on Ebay late Sunday night.

She Is Finished!!!!

"Titania" Keeper of the Fairies is FINISHED!! Yeah, I made the deadline. Hopefully my pictures I submitted are clear enough for the judges. All the sparklies caused problems, but then my daughter is always telling me I don't take very good pictures. Can't be good at everything!LOL! All the entries for this challenge will be posted on the web for everyone to vote on. I will post in here as soon as the website is up.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Sneak Peek!

Thought I would give you a sneek peek of this weeks Halloween offering for Ebay. He will be listed Sunday night on Ebay. Meet "BearDracula". I still have to finish his cape, he is so grumpy about the way it fits! I have to make attempt three to get it right tonight. I told him if he didn't quit complaining I would send him out in the buff!

Challenge Project Continues!

Well, finally have all the leaves attached. Here is a back view. I also put layers of the leaves you see around her waist around the bottom on the front of her. (Guess I really should have made a few more dozen so I could go around the botton on the back but time is short now. OMG! Only three days left! I have been working on her wings and tiny butterflies for her hair since 4am this morning. Its been raining all day and the humidity is high. Its taking forever for the layers of modpodge and glitter paints to dry. Hopefully I will be able to get them on her tomorrow. I had to do some research to give her a proper Fairy name, so I googled Fairy Names, so off I went to websites then blogs all about fairies, way too much interesting info, sure cuts into my production time.LOL!

Monday, September 10, 2007


Back in July I signed up for the "Friends of Cloth Dolls" Wooden Doll Challenge hosted by Judi Ward. You see I have a weakness for purchasing patterns and since I had this one already, I thought this would be motivation to actually use the pattern. One would think that two months was more than adequate time to complete a project, but as usual I am in a panic trying to meet the deadline in the next five days! The name of my entry is "Keeper of Fairies". I have managed the main part of the doll, painted many layers of pearl paints and angel dust, decoupaged silk screened fairies on her skirt and painted dozens of leaves on her! I have made several dozen leaves out of antique organdy that still have to be attached, she needs wings of course and I would love for her to have a tiny fairy in her hands, but time is running out! Last night I managed to get her wig attached, now she needs a halo of something......Stay tuned for further updates!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

One of my Housemates!

I would like to introduce you to Toby. I am totally new to cat ownership. At the advice of well meaning friends I started from scratch with a new kitten. It has been a learning experience beyond compare. He works real hard on a daily basis to teach me how its going to be! No one warned me that having a cat member in the house was like having a toddler going through their terrible twos forever!LOL! This photo shows my latest battle that has been going on for the past month. You see his mouth is open, I assure you there are nasty sounds coming out! Every time I walk into the kitchen this is my first sight.(In fact he has knocked me on my hiney several times in his haste to assume this position) After going thru six different brands of dry kitty food to find one that fit his taste, my well meaning daughter brought me some free samples of fancy canned cat food. What a mistake that turned out to be! He loves it! In fact that is all he wants to eat. However I refuse to spend more on my cats daily diet than I do on my own so I only allow him to have one can a day, the rest of the time he is only offered dry food. Its an understatement to say this makes Toby an unhappy cat. Last weekend I decided to take the vets advice and take away his canned food altogether, the wise vet advised that no animal will starve themselves to death. Well I began to doubt the vets wisdom when 72 hours into it, Toby was not only refusing to eat the dry food but would not touch his water either. He was laying around looking like he was at deaths door, the only sign of life an occaisional squeaky meow that sounded so painful. I was on the verge of calling the night emergency number for the vet when I decided to just see.....Sure enough I popped the top on that can of food and instant life in the cat! He won that one!LOL! But I am sticking to the one can rule. I hope.......


Actually to be correct, its my first day playing in blogland with my own blog. For almost a year now, I have been a big fan of Blogs. I spend hours everyday jumping from one to another, its so hard to find a stopping place! Decided I wanted to play too! Still trying to decide what to start with, maybe another pot of coffee and the light bulb will come on!